Hawkin Dynamics Bilateral Force Plate set

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Hawkin Dynamics Wireless Force Platform is a highly accurate human measurement system that aids performance assessment and rehabilitation. The system operates as a set of two platforms, left and right. Together they accurately measure force application and via WiFi Direct display clear live action data immediately on an android app, allowing the user to complete tests in a matter of seconds.


*Note that a software license is required to use this product.

 Size 605x360x070mm


Battery Li-ion 6000mA.h 3.75V
Battery Life 9 hrs
Material Stainless steel/Aircraft aluminum
Communication WiFi Direct
Mechanical Range 0-14 kN
Maximum Load 150% max range
Sensor Type Beam Load Cell
Sensors per plate 4
Accuracy Class (OIML R60) C3
Resolution +/- .25 N
Excitation Voltage 5V
Sampling Frequency 1000 Hz